We converted 8 public libraries into digital libraries equipping them with a digital classroom with computers and an electronic blackboard to teach courses on digital citizenship, robotics and programming; with 20 laptops for users to consult the internet.

We digitally recover public space by putting outdoor furniture and adequate lighting so that users can consult the internet on their devices or in the digital classroom.

With these libraries we bring high quality connectivity services to marginalized neighborhoods, making unequal ones more equal. 


Our 1st. Digital Library was installed in the "Plateros" Community Development Center, which was fully intervened in all its spaces, the public space was digitally recovered by installing public and free Wi-Fi in most of its spaces, the interior of the library was remodeled to house the Collaborative digital classroom that will be used by the large community of athletes, students, neighbors and seniors who attend regularly.

Our large Central Library was remodeled to house the 2nd. San Patricio Battalion Digital Library, we digitally recovered the public space by installing palapas outside with free public Wi-Fi and giving a new design to the garden, inside a collaborative digital classroom was installed that also has 20 laptops for loan.

The Community Development Center "El Cuernito" was fully intervened not only in the space where the 3rd Digital Library was installed, the other spaces were also intervened to digitally recover public spaces, installing palapas outside the library with free public Wi-Fi and inside with a collaborative digital classroom for the benefit of the great student community.

In the Colonia Piloto Adolfo López Mateos is the 4th. Digital Library, in this part of the Mayor's Office there is a large student and elderly population, the former public library was remodeled and its spaces were adapted for the collaborative digital classroom, free public Wi-Fi, the digital recovery of public space and it was equipped with 20 laptops for loan.

Inside the Community Development Center "Jalalpa" the Public Library was remodeled and converted into a Digital Library, providing it with a collaborative digital classroom, 20 laptops for loan, access to free public Wi-Fi, the public space was digitally recovered by installing palapas outside of the library giving a nice design to the outside garden.

In the Community Development Center "Molino de Rosas" the 6th. Digital Library, remodeling the facilities and adapting the public library to house a collaborative digital classroom with a platform of educational content and access to free Wi-Fi that will significantly help the vast surrounding school community, the public space was also digitally recovered.

Nestled in the Barranca de Mixcoac, the 7th was installed. Digital Library within the framework of the "Climbing Lives Weaving Destinations" program, the Tezontla Social Center was remodeled, digitally recovering the public space, giving the inhabitants of the group 18 access to free Wi-Fi with 20 loaner laptops, to a collaborative digital classroom so that conduct training courses.

Within the facilities of the "House for the Elderly" the 8th Digital Library was installed so that older adults have the possibility of accessing the internet with free wifi, 20 laptops, digital books and a digital classroom where they can take courses digital citizenship.