Smart Mayor's Office

Hotspots Installation

It is a collaboration agreement between the Mayor's Office and AMITE, Google for education and SITWIFI and it is the most ambitious connectivity project in a municipality. For Google for education, it is the first project carried out with any government institution and the largest project in a municipality in Latin America.

To carry out this project, a diagnosis of the connectivity conditions that the mayor's office had at that time was carried out, finding that, in many parts of the demarcation, mainly in the ravines and marginal areas, the quality of the internet service was not optimal. .

An analysis was made of the mayor's facilities and most of the facilities were located in marginal areas, with no or poor connectivity service, with inadequate electrical installations and were easy prey for criminals who appropriated those public spaces.

A balance was made between the facilities and their users, resulting in the buildings and libraries listed below:

Free Wi-Fi was installed in 40 city hall facilities, (Social Centers, Public Markets, Units for Attention Against Violence, Arts and Crafts Centers, Administrative Units, Theaters, Multipurpose Rooms, Gymnasiums, Swimming Pools, Homes for the Elderly and Libraries) that represents the 46% of the entire infrastructure, which will benefit more than 20,000 people who work and attend its facilities daily.


1 Mayor Álvaro Obregón 21 Jalalpa el Grande Community Development Center
2 San Patricio Public Library #2373 22 Territorial Directorate North Zone
3 Centennial Victims Attention Center 23 Jalalpa el Grande Public Library #2420
4 El Cuernito Community Development Center 24 La Conchita Community Development Center
5 El Cuernito Public Library #4071 25 La Conchita Public Library #2487
6 G3 Multipurpose Modular Gym 26 Eagles Ecological Park Japan
7 Olivar del Conde Market 27 Las Águilas Water Park
8 Olivar del Conde Community Development Center 28 Melchor Múzquiz Market
9 House of the Elderly Ahuehuete 29 Palmas Arts and Crafts Center
10 Plateros Sports, Ecological and Cultural Center 30 Adolfo López Mateos Public Library #525
11 Mexican Constituent Public Library #1865 31 Tezontla Community Development Center
12 Semi-Olympic Pool "Cristopher Tronco Sánchez" 32 Tezontla Library
13 Plateros Victims Attention Centers 33 Multipurpose Room
14 House of the Elderly Presidents 34 Ah Dzac Clinic
15 San Ángel Cultural Center 35 Youth Theater
16 Jaime Sabines House of Culture 36 General Directorate of Legal
17 Santa Fe Market 37 Directorate General of Government
18 Alfonso XIII Park 38 General Directorate of Prevention Against Addictions
19 Molino de Rosas Community Development Center 39 Directorate of Civil Protection and High Risk Zones
20 Molino de Rosas Public Library #7331 40 Toltec House of the Elderly Person Digital Library

Conversion of digital Libraries

  • Desktop computer systems were upgraded to integrate them into a digital classroom with an electronic whiteboard screen.
  • Antennas were installed inside the library and outside to recover the public space.
  • The library was provided with a web portal for teaching materials and digital books.
  • All library staff were trained in the use and use of Google's G-Suite.
  • The buildings were remodeled adapting them to the digital library model.
  • Furniture was installed outside the digital libraries with connections to the electrical network to recover the public space.

With this project we carry out the first of several actions to make our demarcation an Intelligent Mayor's Office, we also start the digital transformation of the public space, from where we are going to start so that once we have the connectivity infrastructure we conclude with the development of applications that make more efficient government and empower citizens to build a better mayoralty through citizen participation.