Institutional strengthening. Building Public Servants with a Gender Perspective.

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The Training and Institutional Strengthening Project of the Directorate of Attention and Development for Women in coordination with the Directorate of Strategic Projects aims to address knowledge, attitudes and values of public servants of the Álvaro Obregón Mayor's Office on fundamental issues such as: Rights Human, Gender Roles, Gender Violence against Women: types and modalities according to the Law of Access for Women to a Life Free of Violence, Loves and Archetypes, Gender Perspective and New Masculinities. In order to provide tools for the exercise of the important work carried out by our colleagues and co-workers as public servants, it is proposed to carry out workshops with an online didactic modality in which the people participating in the workshops have the opportunity to get involved in the new experience of distance training and the skills that must be developed in this new normal on the way to the new scope of competences in caring for the people living in our territorial demarcation.


Gender-based violence against women is a structural problem, it occurs in all areas of the lives of women and men, so it is essential to have adequate tools that allow, at first, to locate the schemes of discrimination and violence in each of the environments we live in, build ways to avoid normalizing it and promote the culture of reporting. We must act both in the public sphere and in the private sphere.

From the work environment, those of us who work in the mayor's office are the human part of the public structure at the service of citizens, each public servant, to the extent of our functions, must participate in the fight against gender violence and In the private sphere, it is essential to bet on the democratization of families, as members of our communities, participation is decisive. Any act generated from the awareness of social inequality that mainly affects women is important and counts to generate a just and inclusive society.

Therefore, the Mayor Álvaro Obregón reiterates the pleasure of having your participation, hoping that you enjoy the time you dedicate to your training activities.

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Module I Gender perspective

Module II Legal Framework for the Protection of Women's Rights

Module III Types and Modalities of Violence against Women

Module IV Instances that serve women victims of violence

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