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Temple of Carmen

It is one of the most beautiful religious works in Mexico City, outside of the first painting of the city. Its wide atrium, its original wall from the seventeenth century with two facades that still proudly display the papal shield on cartouches, as well as its three domes stand out.

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Hacienda Goicoechea

It has its origin in the original property of Alonso Medina Aragonés that, after passing through different owners, was acquired by Ramón de Goicoechea in 1776, to which land purchased from the natives was annexed. The main house dates from 1692 and in the 19th century it produced pulque.

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Hellenic Cultural Institute

Transplanted to Mexico City, its elements refer to the Middle Ages: a 12th-century Romanesque cloister, a 14th-century Gothic chapel and a 17th-century Baroque door frame. The first two from Ávila, Spain, and the third from Guanajuato.

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Monument to Álvaro Obregón

Inaugurated in 1935, the monument commemorates the death of General Álvaro Obregón in 1928, which occurred in the same space when it was occupied by the La Bombilla restaurant.

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Temple of the Assumption of Mary of the town of Santa Fe

The Temple of the Asunción de María was built in the town of Santa Fé de Vasco de Quiroga in the 16th century and has a nave with a tower with a basket-shaped bell and another that was donated by Luis N. Morones. The dome was made between the 18th and 19th centuries, in the atrium it has an atrial cross and a sculpture of Vasco de Quiroga.

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