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It is a series of videos of the work carried out by the different areas of the Álvaro Obregón Mayor's Office.

Plateros Sports and Cultural Center

In the Plateros Sports and Cultural Center, the Mexican Constituents Digital Library was remodeled and the Hall of Peace, the Hall of Mirrors and the Cristopher Tronco Sánchez Pool were rehabilitated.

Jalalpa 2000 Aquatic Center

In Jalalpa, in addition to the Digital Library, the maintenance of the painting and the blacksmithing, conservation and rehabilitation of the pools, toilets, walkways and the lighting of the Jalalpa 2000 Park were carried out.

El Cuernito and Dam Hornos Section

In El Cuernito, a Digital Library with Wi-Fi was installed and the public space was recovered. The “Álvaro Obregón Departure Point” Center for Addiction Attention was set up in La Presa Section Hornos.

Electric Stairs in Colectivo 18

Apart from the escalators, 1,781 LED luminaires were installed, 2,050m of drinking water network were replaced; 1,914m of drainage network; 3,600m of stairs. The project Climbing lives, weaving communities; improves the collective's standard of living18.

New Lighting

With the new lighting in the Álvaro Obregón Mayor's Office, the public lighting service in the 256 neighborhoods is improved by providing better lighting levels, it also saves the 35% of the payment of electricity that adds up to more than 90 million pesos per year and generates a positive impact to the environment by reducing energy consumption.


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Tarango Crematorium

The Mayor's Office Álvaro Obregón offers a free cremation service, as well as legal advice for the funeral process. We support you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Go to the Community Support Directorate, the Funeral Support and Services area of the General Directorate of Social Development.

Center for Urban Cultures (CURBA)

CURBA offers various free workshops such as: breaking, contortion, soccer free style, braiding, barbershop, screen printing, rap, Dj sound system, dance in fabrics, graffiti, nail design and tattoos.

Child Care and Attention Center (CACI) January 6

Child Care and Attention Center (CACI) Cristo Rey

El Mirador Child Care and Attention Center (CACI)

La Conchita Child Care and Attention Center (CACI)